Earning Notes

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The currency of Legitimus is backed by an ore-based standard.  We refer to our money as ♫, or “Notes.”

Upon completing the tutorial with Judge Cato, players are given a small amount of food, a shovel to claim their plots and ♫2,000 spending money.  This is enough for your first Residence, or for your first trades if you intend to live at spawn.

Players are able to earn money from Jobs, Shops, and selling Ores to the server.  Diamond is worth ♫7.5, Gold is worth ♫2.5, and Iron is worth ♫0.25 in parity with their natural spawn rates.  Bank Notes can also be obtained at the Capitol Bank, and can be traded with other players for face value.  They can also be lost forever (beware.)

Since donations can not help you earn Notes faster than any other player.  We offer many powerful items for sale at the Spawn through our roster of helpful NPCs.


Shops won’t work in uncivilised worlds.  Jobs won’t earn you Notes here, either.  Fortunately, many of these destinations are up to 66% richer in precious ores and may still provide much wealth to be hoarded.  Unfortunately, there are no rules here – others may force you to write them a /cheque to keep them peaceful!