Custom Chest Loot

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Kits can make Minecraft much more interesting, combining useful items together in a theme.  We use kits to make chest loot much more exciting on Smellycraft!  The loot found in Vanilla Minecraft is pretty boring, and not always helpful.  Pretty often you get a chest that’s just pure junk.  Our worlds are generated with entirely customized loot tables to better reward your effort!

This may include useful resources, interesting blocks, powerful equipment – and even Kits!  You can recognize the powerful Kits as coloured shulker boxes hiding cozily within the chest itself.

These chests are part of our core gameplay experience, and are all unlocked.  There are no keys for sale, and no funny business – this loot is first-come, first-serve for all players!

If you’re new to this server and have not visited your Home Region yet, you should go explore it!  Loot Tables automatically fill newly opened chests, and new players are automatically assigned to less populated regions.  This means you have a very good chance of encountering some of the loot below!

Shulker Kits

Differently coloured Kits contain items for different, specific purposes.  They vary in rarity and quality, with the best items being hardest to obtain.  Travelling to other worlds, locating buried treasure and diving for shipwrecks are good ways to find the rarest loot.

The kits themselves are randomly generated the first time a chest is opened.  The contents are also randomly generated, within parameters provided to guarantee some form of effective payoff.  We’ll provide enough detail here to encourage some excitement without completely ruining the surprise for you!

Weapons Kitorange shulker box

The weapons kit contains enchanted items suitable for offensive combat, and occurs in three grades of rarity.  Each kit will contain one Bow with 32 regular Arrows, in addition to the loot described below.  The kit appears in an orange box.

Common kits include an Iron Sword and an Iron Axe.  They each receive two of the following enchantments:  Sharpness 3, Sweeping Edge I, Fire Aspect I, Knockback I.

Rare kits add 4 Lingering Potions of either Slowness or Poison, and your weapons are upgraded to Diamond.

Epic kits add more potions, Tipped Arrows, an enchanted Trident, and 16 extra Arrows of Blindness.

Armor Kitlight blue shulker box

The armor kit contains well sought-after armor to help bolster your defenses, and is available in three grades of rarity.  Each kit will contain two pieces of armor with varying enchantments.  Comes in a wonderful diamond-like shade of light blue.

Common kits will apply Protection II to each piece of armor.  Iron armor is used.

Rare kits will also apply Unbreaking I to each piece of armor, still using Iron.

Epic kits will apply these enchantments to Diamond armor.

Mining Kitlight gray shulker box

For those who need it deeper, faster.  A mining kit is available in three grades of rarity.  Each kit will contain a Pickaxe and a Shovel with varying enchantments, as well as 128 Torches.  Light gray appearance, much like stone.

Common kits will apply Efficiency III to each tool and include 16 TNT, using Iron tools.

Rare kits will also apply Unbreaking I to each tool, and include 32 TNT, still using Iron.

Epic kits will apply these enchantments to Diamond tools, and include 64 TNT.

Ender Kitblack shulker box

The Ender kit will get you to the End very, very easily.  This kit comes in only one variety, which will always contain precisely 12 End Portal Frame blocks as well as 12 Eyes of Ender.  8 Splash Potions of Long Regeneration will aid you in the tough battles ahead.  There is even a chance of receiving a pumpkin mask to help you fool the locals.  The Ender kit comes in whichever colour you want, as long as it’s black.

Hunger Kityellow shulker box

You can’t go wrong with the pocket buffet.  This kit comes in only one variety, and will contain many steaks plus a few soups, cakes or milk buckets.  Not all of the steak will always be edible; but you can feed the rotten parts to your dogs.  There will be enough food in this kit to last for a considerable time.  Maybe even some energy drinks!  Comes in a yellow package, like all of your favourite junk food.

Husbandry Kitbrown shulker box

A farm-in-a-box will last much longer than a hunger kit, provided you can get it to a suitable location.  This kit comes in only one variety.  The kit will always fill one slot with 4 spawn eggs for either Cows, Mooshrooms, Horses, Donkeys, Sheep, Rabbits or Chickens.  You don’t need pigs.  The food needed to breed several generations of these animals will also be included, with a hoe.  These boxes are brown like a tiny little Ark.

Artistry Kitwhite shulker box

The Artistry kit is packed with enough dyes to bring life to builds of any size.  This kit comes in only one variety.  An Artistry kit will always contain 12 of each primary dye colour, which together may be used to create any of the additional secondary colours.  This includes Rose Red, Dandelion Yellow, Cactus Green, Lapis Lazuli, Ink Sac, Bone Meal and Cocoa Beans.  A random selection of appropriate mediums will also appear, plus a random music disc and even a selection of unique fireworks to help add some atmosphere.  Artistry kits come in a canvas-white box, which means they are literally all the colours!

Wizardry Kitgreen shulker box

The Wizardry Kit spawns in three grades of rarity, and contains all of the helpful items needed to enchant yourself some splendid new gear.  Each version of this kit includes four or more Books, Bookshelves, Lapis Lazuli, Bottled XP and is a thought-inspiring green.

Common Kits include 20 levels worth of XP and 12 Lapis Lazuli.  There will be from 7-10 bookshelves.

Rare Kits include bonus Books, 30 levels worth of XP, 24 Lapis Lazuli, 12-15 bookshelves and an Enchanting Table.

Epic Kits include more bonus Books, 40 levels worth of XP, 32 Lapis Lazuli, 15 bookshelves and provide an Anvil as well as the table.

Diving Kitblue shulker box

The Diving kit is designed to help you adapt more quickly to living underwater.  This kit comes in only one variety.  Each kit contains a black Leather Cap enchanted with Aqua Affinity and Respiration III, as well as black Leather Boots enchanted with Depth Strider III.  The kit also contains four potions of Extended Water Breathing.  Four blocks of Soul Sand, four Magma Blocks and four Sponges should also come in handy.  They are blue, and so will everything else be.

Apothecary Kitmagenta shulker box

The Apothecary kit contains everything you need to brew some nifty potions.  This kit comes in three grades of rarity.  Each kit contains a Brewing Stand as well as the appropriate amount of Awkward Potions, Redstone Dust and Glowstone Dust.  The kits are available in a magical magenta.

Common kits add three of these random ingredients:  Golden Carrot, Magma Cream, Rabbit’s Foot, Sugar, Pufferfish, Glistering Melon, Spider Eye, Ghast Tear, or Blaze Powder.

Rare kits add one more base ingredient.  They also add gunpowder for making Splash Potions.

Epic kits add a fifth base ingredient.  These kits also add Dragon’s Breath for making Lingering Potions.

Redstone Kitred shulker box

The Redstone Kit contains most of the items you may need for a lot of nifty redstone contraptions!  This kit comes in only one variety.  Each Redstone Kit will contain 64 Redstone Dust, 8 Redstone Repeaters, 2 Comparators, 2 Droppers, 2 Dispensers, 2 Observers, 4 Redstone Lamps, 2 Note Blocks, 2 Sticky Pistons and 1 Daylight Sensor.  Guess what colour these are?

Items Found Alongside Kits

In addition to certain kits and depending on location, chests you open will contain a variety of loose items.  We’ve broken them down into categories and worked to ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the worlds, with the more exotic items found more frequently in more exotic destinations.  Each chest you find will have kits, food, actual treasure and also the following items.


Chests found in our worlds will always contain a potion.  The type will be determined according to a random chance, as well as where the chest is found.  Helpful potions will be drinkable, and harmful potions will be splash potions.

Mob Eggs

We have tried to make sure the eggs are all available for the well-travelled players.  You will usually find them in thematically appropriate locations.  For example, the Elder Guardian spawn egg will be found in the Underwater Ruins of Odyssea.

Bonus Items

Items such as Elytra, the Totem of Undying, Horse Armor and more are spread throughout the chests of each world.  Some of the nicer items will occur less frequently than their counterparts.  Items of lesser value may also appear in quantities of more than one.  We try to make sure each find is more rewarding than the traditional bits of string and gunpowder!