Are you interested in working with some of the plugins we run on Smellycraft?  Would you rather learn with Minecraft than about it?  We’d be happy to lend our experience and tools to players who are interested in sharing their work.  You’ll get to work with some of the most powerful plugins we take advantage of!  Your work will be displayed live for anyone to admire.  We’d love to see what RP-friendly ideas our Technicians come up with!

Learn to work with…

Open Terrain Generator

We generate custom terrain for special worlds (Legitimus is always vanilla.)  We can customize the generated structures, too – even build our own stronghold templates.  These PVP worlds each use a small selection of custom biomes drawn from Biome Bundle.  If you want to build your own biomes, almost anything is possible!  We’d also love to feature server-unique custom structures as an alternative to what Biome Bundle includes.  See my video on working with the Biome Bundle.

Mythic Mobs

Our custom worlds also feature custom Mobs, built with the local theme in mind.  Mythic Mobs provides an astounding number of ways to customize your mobs, and it’s truly overwhelming.  If you’d like to join our mobs team, you’re quite welcome.  There is no end in sight to the many unique ideas you can learn to implement.  We have an in-game lab for qualified players to tinker with.


You like the idea of creating vibrant characters for other people to interact with.  You like the idea of working within an RP narrative and building a story.  You want to learn to script.  We can share plenty of experience writing NPCs for the Citizens Plugin.  You’ll find you are able to work with NPCs in a much more intuitive and powerful fashion once you learn the Denizen scripting language.  Much of this is actually done live on our Twitch stream, and we have a special video on how to write some fancy dialogue trees with this type of code.

Media Team

Did you know Smellycraft was built on a potato?  It’s true!  All work on the server, web services and even the Twitch stream is powered by a $500 APU laptop purchased in 2014.  If you’re able to capture HD footage at stable framerates, render your shaders in 4K, and don’t mind working with a director then we’d love your help.  Smelly can share almost 20 years of experience editing photo and video, so you won’t have to do everything yourself.


Moderators on Smellycraft have zero gameplay advantage – other players know this and will treat you no differently.  This role will not be offered to anyone as we assume you’re all here to just have fun.  If you’d like to help as “eyes and ears,” then please approach us so that we can set you up!  Please do not enquire unless you are a regular player on Smellycraft.