Closed Beta

Hi there.  Right now, Smellycraft is in a state of closed beta.

Anyone who wants to help out testing is welcome, just come join the Discord and ask to be whitelisted.

You can help test a few things, or just muck around and let me know if anything is buggy or slow, it’s all appreciated.

Just be aware that everything is getting reset before the official launch!

Some things I could really use help with:

  • Try to break things
  • Try to hack me, ruin my day
  • Test some shops and plots
  • See if you can mess up the tutorial
  • Test WorldGuard region
  • Building, if you’re good and really really want to
  • Screenshots with shaders.  My laptop sucks.
  • Xsplit footage, re: sucky laptop.

For shaded screenshots and video you’ll be flying around a world of modded terrain from the Biome Bundle.

Many thanks to those kind folks who have offered so far, I look forward to repaying the favour many times.