Unique Jobs

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You can make in-game cash and earn cool benefits from contributing to the Legitimus economy!  Smellycraft players assign themselves unique Jobs scripted exclusively for this server and its unique RP.  Read all about each job below, and choose carefully!  You can hold two jobs at any time, and lose 10% of your job exp when quitting jobs.  You can use our helpful GUI to perform all Jobs related functions.

Capitol Guard Jobs

This is the best job to start with.  As a Capitol Guard you are paid notes for killing hostile mobs which appear within 100 blocks of the Spawn Capitol.  It’s that simple!  You will be rewarded by grateful NPCs with increasing discount rates as you progress through the ranks.  If you’d like to start immediately, make sure to grab a room at the Insulae or build a temporary base nearby.

Farmer Jobs

Immediately south of the Spawn Capitol are large Farms of Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots and Beetroots.  You won’t be able to break or place any blocks until you join the Farmer job.  When you do, you’ll be able to take part in planting and returning harvested crops to the Barn.  A player is paid a small amount for any planted seeds – and a slightly higher amount is charged to the player for harvested crops.  By returning this second fee to the Farmer at the barn, player can choose to harvest the crop for the barn at a profit or for themselves at a very small loss.  This job is essentially a co-operative business model.


You’ll get paid back for rocket ingredients at a small profit, including diamonds!  Pyrotechnicians are paid for crafting and displaying cool and creative fireworks.  You will be paid money and job exp for crafting unique and interesting Firework Stars.  You also get bonuses for other players who witness your displays, so try leaving them in redstone contraptions!  Rewards are calculated according to Firework Rocket or Star ingredients, so create anything you like.

You will unlock recipes for Explosive Rockets, Signal Flares, and Lightning Seeds as you progress through these ranks.

Turtle Master

Save the Turtles!  A Turtle Master is a real thing on Smellycraft, and they need you!  Protecting our beaches from griefing is everyone’s job, but a Turtle Master will get big rewards for breeding Baby Turtles.  It’s a long and tedious task which adds up well if you have a waterfront base.  You’ll also get paid for killing mobs that would prey on the Babies, if one is in range.

Your progress will unlock recipes for Scute Armor and Scute Boots – custom items unique to Smellycraft!  These provide you a persistent bonus effect equivalent to a Turtle Master potion and Dolphin’s Grace, respectively.