Tree Assist

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This plugin allows players to take down a tree much like a lumberjack would.  We’ve disabled some of the “cheatier” features in exchange for a good balance.  You can enable the plugin for its immersive feel and convenience but it will not provide any real gameplay advantage over players who disable it.  To toggle Tree Assist, use:

/treeassist toggle

To take the tree down automatically, chop a bottommost block.  This server automatically replants trees which are broken in this manner, and 75% of saplings dropped by the tree will remain on the ground for players to pick up along with the logs.  The other 25% will be automatically planted to help the forest naturally spread.

Our configuration will do full damage to your tool, so be careful when using precious equipment.  Any material can be used for your axe; better materials will make your axe more efficient.  Wood will suffer a 15% reduction in drops; stone 10%, iron 5% while diamond and gold have no penalties.

TreeAssist works on any type of trees or mushrooms, and can be used once per minute.