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This server runs the Residence plugin.  On Smellycraft, Residence allows players to create three-dimensional claims using their currency to pay for the blocks.  The Golden Shovel is used by players to set and move the corners; this tool may be memorable to players familiar with GriefPrevention, and we at Smellycraft honour its tradition by using it for Residence.  Land cost is ♫0.01 per cubic block.

Within these claims, you can modify a wide variety of “flags.”  Players may implement these flags in a fashion which provides different permissions to regular users than to trusted friends, and even more specifically for certain players.

It is important to note that as we travel to other continents, these features will not function.  They’re only meant to protect you in our homeland.  Other worlds will be opened regularly and will not support residences of any kind!

To create a residence, use your Golden Shovel to create a “cuboid” selection.  A cuboid selection focuses on a three dimensional grid of blocks between two points, which you will define by left- and right-clicking with the shovel.  Make sure one of your corners is higher than the other – Residence will only protect blocks within the selected area.


If you wish to modify your selection, commands are available to help you grow and shrink the highlighted area before creating your residence.  By looking in the appropriate direction, you can focus your commands on a single side of your selection cuboid.  The following commands will assist you in manipulating selection boundaries:

/res select expand <#>
/res select contract <#>

…while these commands will perform similar functions on a residence which already exists:

/res expand <#>
/res contract <#>

By default, Residence has been specifically configured to enable and deny particular behaviours on Smellycraft.  Many of these default flags can not be overridden by the owner of the base, such as flying or monster spawning, so make sure you light your homes up!