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We make requesting support from our Staff very easy by operating a variety of channels, but most central to your support experience is the HelpTickets plugin.  When making a ticket, please remember that your precise location is included with the ticket.  You can make your problems faster for us to solve by recording your tickets from the most appropriate spots!  Please make sure you are familiar with the Smellycraft rules if you believe you are reporting a violation.

The following list of commands can originally be found here and is composed by plugin author ShortCircuit908:

  • /ticket create <message>

    Opens a new support request

  • /ticket view <ticket #>

    Displays complete information about your own ticket

  • /ticket comments <ticket #> [page]

    Displays a ticket’s log of comments

  • /ticket actions <ticket #> [page]

    Displays your ticket’s log of actions and comments

  • /ticket comment <ticket #> <message>

    Add a comment to your own ticket

  • /ticket close <ticket #> [message]

    Close a ticket when the issue is unable to be resolved. The message is optional.

  • /ticket cancel <ticket #> [message]

    Cancel a ticket when it is no longer needed. The message is optional.

  • /ticket list [page #] [-assignee:<assignee>] [-priority:<priority>] [-contains:<phrase>]

    Shows a list of your own active (open) tickets.
    You may select tickets that have been assigned to a specific person using the flag


    You may select tickets that have a certain priority using the flag


    You may select tickets that contain a phrase using the flag

    -contains:<"%word or phrase %">

    Any combination of flags may be combined in any order to further refine your search.

  • /ticket archive [page # ] [-assignee:<assignee>] [-priority:<priority>] [-contains:<phrase>]

    Shows a list of your own archived (closed) tickets
    Usage is identical to the list argument.

Players have a limit of ten unresolved support requests open at one time.