Dynamic Map

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Dynmap is a very popular plugin for viewing live server activity through a browser.  This plugin offers a wide range of functionality options that players can take advantage of including in-browser chat, cave viewing, and discovering all of your neighbours!

Our map offers viewers the ability to chat with players from the web site, similar to our Discord #general channel.  Messages from an IP address that is unknown will not be broadcast.  Messages with matching IP addresses will automatically use your Minecraft display name.  IP Addresses matching a ban will also not be broadcast.  Register in-game with the /dynmap register command.

The dynamic map behaves differently according to server lore, based on the which world is being viewed.  All will display server time and weather to help provide a safe login but may withhold certain information where appropriate.  You can use a button on the left side of the dynamic map window to reveal a list of display options which you can customize.

Legitimus & Bamboo Islands

At home in Legitimus, the map will integrate as much connective and social function as possible.  The health bars and positions of all players are revealed on the dynamic map to help draw attention to their builds (unless they are sneaking or invisible.)  To assist other players in discovering your builds, your player icon will remain visible for up to one week after logging out within this world.  The dynamic map of Legitimus is fully revealed all the way to the world border, as indicated with red.

Odyssea and Beyond

In foreign worlds, your health bar and position will be hidden from the map to help protect you from other players.  This also prevents allies from using the map to assist you in these worlds, and conversely your chat messages will not be broadcast to the map viewers.  These maps are not auto-generated and will not spoil the adventure for those who truly wish to explore.