Chest Shops

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Chest shops are a great way to manage your excess inventory, and make some extra credit on the side.

We have a very robust and easy-to-use plugin to help you manage these shops.  Our shop plugin provides notifications of what was sold when you were offline, too!

To create chest shops, place a sign on or above any chest.  The first line of the sign must be empty, followed by the quantity on the second line.  The third line will list the Buy and Sell prices – and the last line will accept an item name.  You can use /iteminfo to determine the appropriate name for any object held in your hand!

Quantity is the number of items per transaction.
Buy is the price your customer pays to buy the item(s).
Sell is the price you pay your customer to sell you the item(s).

We have a large forum by the spawn point with player and NPC stores alike.  You can’t miss it, and it has room for up to 55 shops!  You can set up a shop just about anywhere else you like in the home world for free.

As with other gameplay features based on notions of authority, chest shops can not be placed in foreign worlds travelled to by boat.