General Tweaks

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There are a few facts here and there which other pages on our Wiki have not revealed.  Some of these tweaks may and will impact your gameplay.  The minor tweaks and changes made to our server will be detailed here for your reference.


XP Bottles

Our server stores 100 XP per bottle, as opposed to the measly 6 or 7 you normally get.  Plus, you can bottle and trade your own XP!  Just place an empty bottle in the crafting grid.  Make sure you have at least 100 XP first.


Players are informed when a tool reaches 2% durability


Our server has a crafting table built into our /menu command!  This tweak helps to free up an extra inventory slot.

Totem of Undying

You don’t have to hold the Totem in your hand to use it.  As long as it’s in your inventory you can run wild!


Farm Animal Tweaks

Your farm animals will die if you don’t feed them every week – as in, a real week, in real life.

Giant Tweaks

Our Giants have AI!  And it’s set to kill.  You won’t find them in Legitimus, but if you do you should definitely run.  Let us know if you can kill one so we can make them stronger.

Mythic Mobs

Each of our custom “Foreign Worlds” will have its own set of local mutations.  The main world (Legitimus) runs vanilla.



Night will pass faster and faster as a greater number of online players climb into beds, depending on the percentage of resting players.  You still need everyone to skip it immediately, but we feel this combined approach is perfect.  AFK players are not counted.


When you die, your death location will be mailed to you.  This way, it can’t get buried in new chat logs.  You can check it any time by reading your mail with the /mail read command.


You can be placed AFK automatically, by command or by using the /menu.  But be warned – you can still take damage!  Your view distance will also be reduced to 4 while you are AFK, in order to free server resources.  More on that below.

View Distance

We run a Paper MC server which benefits from many optimisations.  These have enabled us to use a plugin called BestViewDistance, which will automatically adjust your View Distance based on your Ping and the current TPS.  You can use our GUI to see information such as your ping and current view distance.

Chat Sounds

We have some audible chat sounds that players can enjoy while chatting together, just for fun.  You may get annoyed after a while and wish to stop hearing these sounds.  We made sure you can disable this tweak by providing an icon in the Command GUI to turn them on and off for yourself.

We formatted the triggers to naturally work their way into conversation and still remain meaningful to those who have disabled the chat sounds.  You don’t need to type the second asterisk to activate the sound effect, but it’s compatible for readability.  Here is the full list of sounds:

  • Meowing Cat: *meow*
  • Purring Cat: *purrs*
  • Hiss: *hiss*
  • Cow: *moo*
  • Pig: *oink*
  • Anger: *mad*
  • Burp: *burp*
  • Hmm: *hmm*
  • No: *smh*
  • Yes: *nods*
  • Drink: *sips*
  • Smoke: *puff*
  • Ding: *ding*
  • Growl: *growls*
  • Whine: *pouts*