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The Romans created the first system of municipally maintained roads, used mostly for couriers and legions.  They called this system Cursus Publicus.  We have a means of teleport on our server which is much more respectful of your travel-time without completely breaking the game, similar in design to the oldest roads.

A plugin divides our map into optional starting regions.  These regions each have a post in the centre (pictured) from where teleportation is allowed to other regions, similar to roads but much faster.  This plugin is called Population Density.  There is nothing to stop players from connecting these beacons with roads, just be advised that the practice would be rather superfluous as you can already teleport between them!

Servers often provide easily exploitable teleport functions; this plugin applies slight limitations to this system for a balanced gameplay experience.  Instead of using /tp or /tpa, players need to board the platform surrounding the region posts and use these commands:

/visit <player name | region name>
/invite <player name>

Although you first arrive at spawn, our players are assigned to a “region” automatically when they join Smellycraft for the first time.  You can change your region at any time by travelling to your desired home, and typing


thusly changing you to a new region.  You’d be smart to look around your area first, as the Population Density plugin carefully analyzes each region for survivability and other factors to ensure each new player has a good spot reserved for them on their arrival.  You can easily teleport there from spawn or from any other region posts.  A teleport has a brief countdown to keep the gameplay balanced, so make sure to kill off nearby mobs before entering commands.

Populated regions are automatically assigned a name from a list Smellyonionman composed, so it will be a really clever and inspiring name that you won’t want to change.  If it’s totally necessary though, we will do that for players who appear to be serious about settling down and leaving their mark.