Spawn Capitol

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Every Minecraft world has a default spawn point.  As such, Legitimus has a safe spawn point which is marked by a central beacon and many amenities.  The capitol city of Legitimus is where all new players first appear on Smellycraft, and sometimes dead ones too!  New players start with a small amount of money, and so we offer safe housing and stables for paying tenants.  A market and arena are also present, as well as informational resources.  This page will therefore cover some of the amenities and features available here!

The centrepiece and walls were built with files created by Sadistikjazz from Planet Minecraft.  Modifications by Smellyonionman.


Roman public housing were known as Insulae, and were actually rather ahead of their time.  They were very similar to modern downtown apartments, and as such we offer 24 fully-furnished units for rent.  We let players rent these from the safety of our Capitol in order to provide a safe start to new Minecraft players.  Our insulae will provide you with Furnaces, a Bed, Armor Stands, and style.  Nearby the Insulae is a guard tower which can also receive teleports.  Our navigation menu therefore lists this region as “Insulae.”


Our spawn city is home to a large, elevated slab comprising some 20 shop plots.  Players who wish to trade with other players can rent 1 of 20 available plots.  Our Administrator shop is located in the middle, and resembles a region post.  You may sell player heads or convert ores to currency.  The guard tower located nearby houses an actual region post, consequently listed as the “Forum” region.  We have more information on using our Chest Shops plugin here.  Feel free to open more than one shop, as long as you really do need the space!  You are able to place shops anywhere on Legitimus, and they will be equally safe.


The Courthouse is where new players must talk to the provincial authority of Legitimus, Cato the Younger.  This is a requirement in order to leave spawn for the first time, and will grant your Visa.  He will deliver a short version of the Smellycraft rules after you decide you are ready.  As informed when you first joined, clicking a page number or provided answer will advance the text.  Here is also where you can find our town hall, and query some of the elders.  The elders may have many things to share on specific subjects, and congregate in the adjoined rotunda.  Hopefully, this is the last time you will see Judge Cato, or you may get a tour of the dungeon!

Spawn Behaviour Between Worlds

It is very important to note that Legitimus is the global spawn point.  Therefore, a player who dies without a bed in any world returns here.  This means if you die on foreign shores, your journey will be over!  You need to work hard to survive so long as you’re travelling this far away.  Beds will naturally override this behaviour, but can be broken by anyone on foreign shores, so be wary!  They can also be used at any time of day, regardless of who is sleeping.  Placed beds are used strictly for personal respawn locations, and will not change the player’s time of day.