PvP Combat

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Our server has different sets of rules for where and how PvP is carried out.  According to our lore, Legitimus is a lawful province and punishes slayings.  You can get banned for repeated, unwanted attacks in the main world.

On home soil, players have to turn PvP on and off with these two commands:

/pvp <on | off>

It is off by default, meaning nobody can do any harm to you in this world.  You are able to turn it on, but killing your friend doesn’t mean you get to take what he or she drops – just their skull (worth almost two diamonds.)

As with claims and locks, remember that PvP is fully enabled without restrictions in other worlds you may travel to.  Your items will likely be taken if you are killed, so whatever is lost is gone for good!

As mentioned, there is a very small chance that your opponent will drop his or her skull (Looting helps.)  You can keep these for whatever reasons you like, but they are always accepted for sale at the admin shops within spawn.