NPCs of Smellycraft

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The Spawn Capitol has many helpful NPCs who’ve been programmed to assist you in different ways, or even to trade with you!  Our NPCs communicate with easy-to-read and well-formatted text boxes on screen.  You can interact through real dialogue trees with responses to click, and even helpful tooltips just in case!  When you want to buy or sell with them, they’ll even open a GUI for you.  For those interested, Smelly has a tutorial on creating some of these NPCs available on Vanillo, DTube and YouTube.


Remus is waiting for you at the Central Hub of our Spawn Capitol, studying the Beacon.  He’s able to tell you all about our city, and how to get around it!  If you need to find the Market, the Sand Pit, a room at the Insulae or anything really – you should ask Remus.

City Council NPCs

Cato the Younger

Cato is our Tutorial.  He plays the role of our Judge and will read you the five major rules, asking you to agree to each.  It takes about as long as reading a dozen wooden signs but looks and feels a lot slicker.  Cato is found in the Courthouse, which all new players spawn directly across from.  New players have default permissions, which are quite restrictive – and can not leave the Capitol area until you either complete the Tutorial or hack the server (don’t hack the server.)

Cato doesn’t know he is a video game character, and speaks like a regular Judge.  Therefore players can hover their mouse in certain places for pop-up explanations.  These tooltips are much more direct and cut straight to the chase.  After agreeing to Cato’s laws, players are provided ♫2,000 to spend, 16 Cooked Beef, a Golden Shovel for making claims and a Visa to leave the Capitol.


The Elders are able to educate players on a range of subjects, to help them get the most out of Smellycraft.  When you right-click an Elder, they will open their Dialogue tree.  You can click the provided responses to hear what they have to say about different things.  Like Cato, explanatory tooltips are available if you don’t really get what they are saying.  Otherwise they’re like an abridged in-game version of this wiki, similar to the Instructions MenuOpes will discuss economical matters such as Shops and Jobs.  Gaius will talk to you about things like PvP, Arena Battles, and Griefing – and where these rules apply.  Tabulae is a cartographer, and will teach you how to get around Legitimus.

Vendor NPCs

The Vendor NPCs are found at the Forum, in the Northwestern corner of our Capitol under brightly coloured stalls in the open air.  These NPCs will buy and sell to you through GUIs for your convenience, and never run out of stock!  Unlike villagers, there are no locked trades – these guys are walking, talking Admin Shops.  Many of the items these NPCs will sell you can be crafted by players who reach a certain level in a particular job.


This Potion Master sells you potions with effects that are much longer-lasting than normal, and may carry especially rare effects such as luck.  “Super Extended” durations are available for Fire Resistance, Water Breathing, and Slow Falling.  You should visit him often to make sure he isn’t selling something else new and useful!  Like all vendor NPCs, Veneficus will perform his trades in a GUI.


Magus will sell you a wide variety of enchanted spells, including rare and uncraftable books.  His inventory may change frequently we encourage you to make frequent visits to him.  Some examples of books Magus will have for sale are Mending, Infinite, Fortune and Looting.  He’ll enchant your Golden Apples.  You can even sell him your XP!  Like all vendor NPCs, Magus will perform his trades in a GUI.


This fine lady will gladly sell you plenty of things to eat.  She’s happy to buy back your soup bowls, and will pay for wheat seeds and eggs as well!  Like all vendor NPCs, Agricola will perform her trades in a GUI.


Fornax has plenty of Iron, Gold and Diamond tools to choose from – but you’ll have to wait a few minutes for him to complete the process.  Fornax can craft you one tool per 6 real-world hours, so pick well.  In the meantime, he’s happy to pay for any coal, planks or lava buckets you may bring him.  Like all vendor NPCs, Fornax will perform his trades in a GUI.


You’ll find Piscator at the docks on a small floating platform outside our Capitol’s Eastern wall.  He sells various fishing rods which are useful for getting some extra fish or treasure, and carry extra-powerful enchantments.  New players should definitely speak to him early, as our server has quite exotic fishing loot available!  Like all vendor NPCs, Piscator will perform his trades in a GUI.


You can find Ulysses on the Merchant Vessel outside of the Capitol walls, standing ominously at the bow of the ship.  He’s able to arrange for travel to other worlds, provided you agree to his terms.  This mostly involves reminding you that most of these worlds (with the exception of the Bamboo Islands) have no laws, as they are all force-enabled for PvP.  He’ll describe what each world is like, and if you agree on his price, he’ll take you there!