Foreign Travel

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When leaving the home world Legitimus, many changes take place.  This list includes both custom world as well as the Nether and End!  For reference, here is a detailed list of differences you can expect travel to introduce into Smellycraft gameplay:

  • PvP
    At home, players are able to toggle PvP at will and are unable to collect one another’s drops (except player skulls.)  In foreign worlds, players are able to strike and rob those who travel at will.
  • Griefing
    Residence claims only work in the home world.  The same goes for chests and other blocks locked with Lockette signs.  They will not lock anywhere our laws do not apply.
  • Chat
    Players at home benefit from a sophisticated terrestrial communications network, including global chat and mail.  While playing in unsettled lands, you are completely cut-off from the world.  Furthermore, ranged chat is forced on all your messages.  The delivery radius is equal to the value of your Y coordinate, meaning your voice will travel farther when speaking at higher elevations.
  • Maps
    At home, we benefit from a fully-explored map which shows us where all of the players are currently building or visiting.  While in foreign lands, the map reveals only what has been already explored and does not show any of the player’s data, such as position and health.  The map makes travel between unnamed regions much easier.
  • Mining
    Unsettled lands have a concentration of ores which is well above the noted average concentration, usually about 66% higher in Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli and Emerald.
  • Mobs
    The republic will not compensate you financially for killing mobs in unsettled lands; no currency is dropped.  However, these mobs are much stronger and therefore the experience drops are dramatically increased.
  • Transport
    Commands such as /spawn, /homeregion etc do not work from here.  If you’re going to bring a bed, protect it – dying means you respawn in Legitimus and must travel all the way back to your death site!