Command GUI

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Smellycraft is super easy to play on!  When you need to use a command, all you have to do is type


to open a Chest GUI filled with rich, fully-customized commands!  If you’ve never used one before, a Chest GUI is an inventory window with commands programmed into it.  The buttons have custom titles and icons of familiar items to help you interpret their purpose.

main command menu of smellycraft gui

Some items will open up more menus, and others may glow to show they are enabled.  Being familiar with the menu will make everything much easier.  Let’s go over what each of the commands do!

Below you will also find the text equivalents of these commands.  They will all work just fine for players who have completed the tutorial (see Judge Cato in the courthouse at Spawn to get your Visa.)  Commands which require parameters will ask the players to enter any information needed after you click the button!

Social Command Menu

social command menu of smellycraft gui

Here we have some shortcuts and custom functions to help you get started chatting more easily.


command coming soon

Our server allows players to send each other sounds such as *meow* or *sips*.  I’m certain it was a terrible idea but I love it and it’s staying in.  This button lets players control their own access.  When it’s glowing, it’s on.


/cmi afk

Afk mode on our server will not protect you, but it is a good way to let people know to save an important message for later.


command coming soon

This command will automatically convert a private message into a piece of mail if sent while a player is offline.  They will be notified of the new message when they return.


/cmi ignore

It’s better than starting a flamewar.  Don’t let people get under your skin!

Discord Invite


Generates a link so you can connect your discord account to our server‘s text channel, and more!

Check Mail

/cmi mail

Click the bookshelf to access your inbox.  Messages sent while you were offline can be read here.

Last Seen

/cmi seen

If you’re missing someone, this helps you creep on them!  It’s a good way to know when someone is likely to return.

Navigation Command Menu

navigation command menu of smellycraft gui

Command based and previously stored locations in this menu should make getting around very simple.

Home Region


This button will teleport you home from any region post, with a 5 second delay between entering the command and actually warping.


/invite <playername>

Issues the named player a temporary invitation to teleport from any region post to your home.

Move In


Updates your assigned home to the region post located nearest your present location.  Use as often as you like.



Takes you to the main server spawn point.  This command will only work in Legitimus.

Region List

/visitregion <region name>

A list of all named regions will be maintained here, including towns founded by players.  Make sure you are near a region post, or the menu won’t take you anywhere!

Economy Command Menu

economy command menu of smellycraft gui

Quickly check up on your balance, stores, make a payment or more using these buttons.  More powerful options are being added as ideas are developed.


/cmi money

This command will quickly check up on how much money you have.

Top 5

/cmi baltop

This command displays the top five richest players on the server.


/cmi money pay <playername> <amount>

Allows you to easily pay another player by entering their name and an amount, followed by a confirmation.


These items appear at the bottom of the main menu, and may be further developed in time.

PVP Toggle


Click the sword to toggle PvP on or off.  Can be used only once per 15 seconds.



At this time the Polls button will output the Custom Polls help menu – a smoother GUI will be programmed as polls are added.



At this time the Tickets button will output the Help Tickets help menu – a smoother GUI will be programmed shortly.