Command GUI

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Smellycraft is super easy to play on!  When you need to find a command, all you have to do is type


Smellycraft Main Menu

…to open a Chest GUI filled with rich, fully-customized commands!  If you’ve never used one before, a Chest GUI is an inventory window with commands programmed into it.  The buttons have custom titles and icons of familiar items to help you interpret their purpose.

Please note that prior to completing your tutorial, a more succinct version of the menu will appear.  This menu is better suited for new players and does not contain any options you can not use yet.

Options Menu

Smellycraft Options Menu

Shortcut: /menu options

The Options menu provides all of the commands you’ll want to use most often, including many toggles and a universal crafting table!  There are 14 options in total.

You can toggle PVP to enable or disable combat.  This works only in Legitimus, the Nether, the End, and the Bamboo Islands as PVP is force-enabled in all custom worlds.

Chat functions can also be toggled – including whether to play Chat Sounds from other players, whether to broadcast your Discord to the server, and whether to broadcast your server messages to Discord.  This last option is a privacy feature unique to Smellycraft.

Players can also use this menu to toggle AFK, and also the Tag Alert – a sound that plays when you are @mentioned in chat, and to enable or disable Shop Alerts for sold items.  It can even access your shop history and wallet.

Shortcuts for the sit command and player statistics are here as well, and even an easy reference list for chat color codes.  Finally, there is a button for dispensing free sand to discourage beach griefing.

Links Menu

Smellycraft Links Menu

Shortcut: /menu links

Similar to the Instructions Menu, this GUI outputs one of five quick links to either the Fullscreen Map, Discord, Twitch, Smellypedia, or our Donations page.  All URLs are converted to HTTPS when connecting to this site.


Smellycraft Polls Menu

Shortcut: /menu polls

This menu contains shortcuts to vote on all currently active polls.  These polls are very helpful to us, thank you!


Smellycraft Vote Menu

Shortcut: /menu vote

This interface provides links to the various voting sites Smellycraft is registered on, and other functions related to voting.  Vote store coming soon.


Smellycraft Help Menu

Shortcut: /menu help

The help menu provides access to the Ticket System, Global Help files, Server TPS, and an Unstuck command.  Suicide is also available for situations where Unstuck will fail.  Compass will provide options for setting your compass needle.  Help Op is a command which will immediately message any server operator – please use this only if necessary.  Finally, you can use this menu to disable Smellytips (our helpful tip system!)

Jobs (All)

Smellycraft Jobs Menu

Shortcut: /menu jobs

The Jobs menu integrates with the Jobs Reborn plugin, and has many features.  The first menu will provide players with access to Stats, Points, Quests, and Job History along with shortcuts to Browse All Jobs or Leave All Jobs.

Job (Detail)

Shortcut: /menu jobs <jobname>

The detail view of a given job will provide shortcuts to Join or Leave the job and information on exactly what you get paid for.  There is a shortcut to the Top Performers for each job, as well as a detailed description of the job in formatted text.  This description will include all details such as special permissions, quests, special items, etc.

Named Regions

Smellycraft Regions Menu

Shortcut: /menu regions

The Regions Menu contains clickable shortcuts to all regions which have been officially named.  The warps in this list must be clicked from any Region Post, or from the Beacon at Spawn.  Shortcuts also exist for Moving Into a new region or visiting your Home Region, named or otherwise.

Manuals Menu

Shortcut: /menu manuals

Think of the Manuals menu as a pocket version of this wiki.  These commands will produce paginated, well-formatted text boxes with in-depth explanations on the server setup.  There is no lore, no NPC-talk – just straight English from one player to another, so no confusion.  The Instructions cover five key areas: Rules, Navigation, Economy, Combat, and Social.

Donor Perks

Smellycraft Donors Menu

Shortcut: /menu donors

The Donor Perks menu shows everyone exactly what Donors do and do not receive, and provides these players with faster access to their new features.  There is also a donation goal tracker, which provides every player with the listed Donor Perks when reached.