Odyssea Tropicus

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Welcome to Odyssea!  Our first voyage outside of our home province takes us to the tropical regions of this land.  Players taking a journey to Odyssea by ship will arrive at a small dock we have constructed at the destination.
Travellers will find themselves amidst a sprawling world of tropical, exotic jungle landscapes unlike anything found in our home province.  These tropics are filled with many unique ruins, vegetation, temples, and even feature a variety of small tribal societies.

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Monsters encountered by our scouts are notably stronger and seem to have evolved somewhat differently than those we often encounter at home.  Those who do battle say they can harvest more materials from the carcasses.  Even our scouts place higher value on the battle experience of fighting these stronger monsters!

Samples of ore indicate that the tropics of Odyssea are approximately 67% richer in ores of Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli and Emerald, the latter of which have been present in all regions sampled.

Our cartographers have been overburdened with the mapping of Legitimus since its founding and have made no publicly available record of Odyssea’s topography.  Reports from travellers will be used to create our maps as time progresses.  Without a communications network in place, players will be unable to see one another on maps and will not hear each other speak from a distance – nor communicate with the homeland.

Chat is ranged in this world.  Higher elevations will carry your voice farther.

Security in Odyssea

Odyssea is expected to attract heavy interest from miners and archaeologists, but lacks a legal system or government of any kind.  As our homeland is governed by a Republic, we do not involve our authority in any of this land’s affairs.

Travellers should expect these combined factors to attract raiders who carry malicious intent, and regardless of the purpose of your journey you are advised to bring strong weapons and armor suitable for fighting such assailants.  Players are not able to use Residences, Shops, Lockette or PvP Protection in Odyssea.

If you should lose your valuables to an attack from one of our citizens, you will not be able to lay charges on the perpetrator.  Those who return to Legitimus must continue to live peacefully within these lands, regardless of the outcome of these events!

Odyssea Loot

There is undeniably prevalent evidence of many ancient societies throughout Odyssea.  It is our conclusion that this land was the scene of a great plague, of which there is no longer any danger.  Scouts were surprised to find that many of the tools, armor and foods common to these peoples are also familiar to us.  We may therefore share a common ancestry, and travellers should expect to encounter many familiar and useful items in the ruins of Odyssea.

These societies were fairly advanced and likely peaceful, as evidenced by the typically large stores of wealth discovered in the average ruin.  This was clearly at one time a very prosperous land, shared in peace by several groups we can still identify.

Jungle Temples

You’ll find a notably wider variety of Jungle Temples have been built by the ancient residents of Odyssea, all of which include traps, loot and spawners for skeletons and zombies.  These are the most common form of ruin in the tropical regions of this province.  Jungle Temples will be very numerous as you travel this province, and will have a similar loot theme to our native temples.

  • You will find Husbandry or Diving kits and Rare or Epic Wizardry kits in the Jungle Temples.
  • Potions kept here are Invisibility, Leaping and Instant Health.
  • Spawn eggs for Parrots and Watermelon appear in these chests.
  • Spectral Arrows, Eyes of Ender and Tipped Arrows are possible bonus items.

Undersea Ruins

The seas of this province are home to clusters of vast ruins, teeming with guardians and littered with sponge blocks.  Unless you absolutely need those sponges or some Prismarine, best avoid the area as you will be battling at least a dozen guardians for perhaps just one or two chests.

  • Underwater Ruins will yield Rare or Epic Mining kits plus Diving and Artistry kits in these hard-fought chests.
  • Splash Potions of Weakness, Poison and Harming can be obtained here.
  • Elder Guardian eggs sometimes occur in these chests, as well as Watermelon.
  • Undersea Ruins can also provide a Nether Star, Tipped Arrows, or a Totem of Undying.

Sea Temple

The Sea Temples are a more welcoming occurrence on the ocean floor.  There will be far fewer guardians than are encountered in the Undersea Ruins, plenty of ore blocks for looting, and of course wet sponge blocks.  There are several formats for the Sea Temple which travellers may encounter.  The Sea Temple contains no chests.

Beach Huts

Beaches in Odyssea may sport the odd Beach Hut with an abandoned Viking Ship.  Valuable seafaring loot can be found in these huts and in most of their accompanying ships.

  • The Beach Hut chest will contain either Diving, Husbandry, or Ender kits as well as Rare or Epic Weapons.
  • Water Breathing Potions plus Splash Potions of Harming and Slowness are found in Beach Huts.
  • Mob eggs for Squid can appear in these chests, as well as Golden Apples.
  • The Beach Hut may also conceal Sea Lanterns, a Nether Star, or a Music Disc.

Ruined Villages

Completely ruined basements may spawn where houses once stood alone in the wild, or together amongst ruins of other houses perhaps better preserved.  These villages are often still connected by the remains of a path and can be found almost everywhere you go.  Even houses which appear totally ruined can still be hiding a chest or two in clever spots!  Expect a monster spawner.

  • Artistry, Hunger, Redstone and Husbandry kits will occur in these ruins.
  • Potions of Leaping, Instant Health and Night Vision are found here.
  • Wolf eggs and Cookies are possible occurrences here.
  • Bonus items include Saddles, XP Bottles, and Spectral Arrows.

Overgrown Dungeon

There are five varieties of Overgrown Dungeon which you can find in the Tropics of Odyssea.  They vary dramatically; some contain as many as nine loot chests, while others have almost none.  The odd furnace can be raided from time to time.  These are very often found in close proximity to Witch Villages.

  • Kits found in these chests are for Diving, plus Rare or Epic Apothecary and Weapons sets.
  • You will find Potions for Regeneration, Leaping, and Strength effects.
  • You can find Spawn eggs for the Ocelot and Pumpkin Pie in here.
  • Eyes of Ender, Name Tags and Dragon’s Breath also occur.

Witch Villages

These are found very frequently in the valleys of the Tropical Pillars, often surveyed by hard to reach Odyssean watch towers.  Also settling in the Ancient Jungle and Tropical Savanna, Witches live in villages with similar layouts to many of the older ruins you will find.  Some differences may include the presence of cauldrons, totems, stone circles – and very hostile residents!  Approach a Witch Village with caution (or milk.)

  • Wizardry or Apothecary kits of Rare or Epic value as well as Ender kits will be found in Witch Villages.
  • Potions of Luck and Fire Resistance are located here alongside Splash Potions of Slowness.
  • Eggs for Witches, Evokers and Vindicators are all found here, alongside tasty Carrots.
  • Bonus items include the Totem of Undying, Dragon’s Breath and Name Tags.

Branching Dungeons

Branching Dungeons are a very rare occurrence.  Each is a sprawling complex of branching cobblestone tunnels deep underground, similar in scale to a Stronghold.  Much loot waits within the Dungeon, some of which is very well hidden.  There will be multiple spawners.  Beware lava traps!

  • Branching Dungeons provide Weapons and Armor kits of Rare or Epic variety, plus Ender and Hunger kits.
  • Here you may find potions of Speed and Luck, or Splash Potions of Harming.
  • Wither Skeleton Eggs and old, stale Bread are both possible finds.
  • Tipped Arrows, Nether Stars and Horse Armor can also be found.

Brick Tower

The Brick Tower spawns in one of three varieties.  Each has a few chests or furnaces with other items scattered throughout, and a bright red flag on top.  These outposts were the Odyssean’s key to military defence.  They will be found in great numbers in places of high elevation, or where witches are known to dwell.  Take some time to look around if you get to the top of these towers, as they will often reveal another target.

  • Weapons, Armor, Mining and Apothecary kits of Common or Rare grade are found in the Brick Towers.
  • Potions of Luck, Water Breathing and Fire Resistance are all found in these numerous towers.
  • Zombie or Skeleton Eggs may occur beside Baked Potatoes.
  • Elytra can be found here, as well as Tipped or Spectral Arrows.

Hobbit Hole

Quaint domiciles built into little hills, Hobbit Holes contain NPCs guarding their precious wealth and interior design skills.  These can be encountered in a variety of locations throughout the tropics.  You may notice a similarity to the Igloo chests, as with the Jungle Temple they share a global loot theme.

  • Hobbit Holes can contain Rare or Epic grade Mining and Armor kits, and also Hunger kits.
  • Hobbits are more dangerous than they look, and keep Splash Potions of Weakness, Slowness, and Poison.
  • Slime Eggs and Mushroom Stew are both obtainable here.
  • Anvils, Saddles and Name Tags are common Hobbit loot.

Desert Market

After the Odysseans were wiped out, numerous tribes have since settled in parts of Odyssea.  These villagers prefer to live in sandy regions within the Tropical Savannas of Odyssea, though on this particular expedition these villages may be rare encounters.  Expect many interesting salespeople and the odd Golem to reside in these towns!

  • The Desert Market chests provide Husbandry kits, or Wizardry and Apothecary kits of Rare and Epic grade.
  • Invisibility and Luck Potions are common here, plus Splash Potions of Weakness.
  • Enderman Spawn eggs and Pumpkin Pie will be found in the Desert Market.
  • Dragon’s Breath, Tipped Arrows and Anvils can be mixed in.

Underground Dungeon

The only way to find these from the surface would be to listen for the sound of wailing zombies and rattling bones, since they are located exclusively underground.  The dungeons are slightly more elaborate than the cuboid tombs we encounter in Legitimus, while not by much.  They still maintain a distinctively confined atmosphere, much as a Dungeon should.

  • The Underground Dungeon is home to Weapons and Armor kits of Rare or Epic grade, and Redstone kits.
  • Strength, Luck and Instant Health Potions may be plumbed from its depths.
  • Cave Spiders lay their eggs in these chests, where you may also find Beetroot Stew.
  • Golden Apples, Saddles and even a Nether Star may also reward you.

Desert Pyramids

Our scouts found some occasional desert areas in this province, although lined with red sandstone.  Very often explorers will encounter these buried shrines poking out of the desert.  They are quite common, and are likely to contain several valuable chests within.  We may in some cases be guarding the chest with a Zombie or Skeleton spawner, and possibly traps!  We have given Legitimus and Odyssea Desert Temples a common loot theme.  Therefore, you should notice some similarities – and improvements.

  • Red Desert Pyramids contain Hunger kits or Wizardry, Apothecary kits of Rare and Epic value.
  • Speed, Night Vision, and Regeneration Potions are often found in these Pyramids.
  • Husk Eggs and Bread loaves occur, just like in the White Sand Temples.
  • Bonus items found here include Golden Apples, Eyes of Ender and Horse Armor.

Abandoned Mineshafts

We have yet to catalogue a civilization which didn’t mine, and the Odysseans were no different than any other.  Plenty of mineshafts run deep below the Tropical belt, probably branching infinitely in every direction.  We find they are fairly similar to the Mineshafts of Legitimus, albeit bearing improved loot.

  • Kits you will find here include Redstone, Hunger, and Artistry kits or Mining kits of Rare and Epic value.
  • The Abandoned Mineshafts in Odyssea provide Strength and Luck Potions, and Splash Potions of Poison.
  • Cave Spider Spawn eggs are found in these chests, and so are Carrots.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts are a good place to find XP Bottles, Music Discs or even used Anvils.