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This server has a very loose Roman theme and refers to our main world as Legitimus.  New players arrive in a central town with walls and a tower, and must obtain a Visa in order to leave.  This involves a brief tutorial delivered by an NPC in our Courthouse.  Obtaining the Visa unlocks access to most of our plugins, and will allow you to pass the guards without incident.

This world is the main globe you see on the Dynamic Map.  It’s fully revealed for players to explore.  We have other worlds that players can travel to by way of a ship in our port, in a region named Portus which will be revealed by players.

Unlike the other worlds, Legitimus is a close-to-vanilla experience with no custom biomes or changes to the mobs you will challenge.

Legitimus Security

A Roman republic offers much in the way of security for its people.  You’re able to claim plots of land, lock individual blocks in the wilderness, toggle PvP, and use a limited teleport system when playing in Legitimus.

PvP is opt-in and can be enabled at any time.  Combat logging is automatically punished with lost gear.  If you lose the match, your loot can not be picked up by your opponent within the world of Legitimus.  This is much different from life outside the provincial republic.

Therefore, Legitimus is likely to be where the majority of players build their settlements.  Only the most daring and clever crafters should attempt to establish an overseas base of operations.

All chat in Legitimus (except for whispers) is global – ranged chat will be forced on you once leaving Legitimus.  Residences established by players may enable their own chat channels through the flag GUI.

Your face will display on our Dynamic Map indicating your position and health, but this information is hidden once you leave.  Other worlds will hide this information to benefit your PvP experience, while Legitimus maps show this information to help support the friendly side of the community.

Legitimus Loot

As Legitimus is a world based on 1.13 vanilla generation, you may already be familiar with many or all of these treasure locations.  Instead of the normal junk, Smellycraft has composed custom loot tables for every chest you may encounter with rewards better suited to mid-to-late game play.  More details about some of the special items can be found here.

Depending on its location, a chest will contain loot fitting with its environment including Spawn Eggs, Food and Seeds, Themed Kits as well as unique bonus items.  Most chests will provide Armor, Tools, Enchanted Books and various Ores in addition to the contents listed below.

Desert Temple

  • In the Desert Temple, chests may spawn either a Wizardry or Apothecary Kit of common or rare value.  A hunger kit may also be present in these chests.
  • Valuable ores appear with an above-average frequency in the Desert Temple.
  • Potions of Swiftness, Regeneration and Night Vision can occur in these chests.
  • Spawn eggs for the Husk and Kelp blocks are located here.
  • Desert Temples also have a chance to produce Horse Armor, Leads and Saddles.


Straightforward square rooms with a spawner, the Dungeon is Minecraft’s most iconic generated structure.

  • Players will find Weapons and Armor Kits of common or rare variety in these rooms, as well as Redstone Kits.
  • Valuable ores appear in these chests.
  • Potions found in the Dungeon are Strength, Turtle Master and Instant Health.
  • Spider eggs and Beetroot Stew are obtainable in the Dungeon.
  • Bonus items here include blank Books, Golden Apples, and Music Discs.

Buried Treasure

  • Rare and Epic Kits of Weapons, Armor and Mining are found in these chests!
  • A large amount of ores are also present in these loots.
  • Water Breathing, Night Vision and Speed Potions are kept in here.
  • Golden Apples and an Elder Guardian Spawn Egg can be collected from Buried Treasure.
  • Bonus items will include Elytra, Totems of Undying and Nautilus Shells.


  • Kits found in the Igloo may include Hunger Kits and Artistry Kits as well as common or rare variety Wizardry Kits and Apothecary Kits.
  • Valuable ores may spawn here at an average rate.
  • Potions found in the Igloo include Splash Potions of Weakness, Poison and Slowness.
  • Spawn Eggs for the Stray are found here, as are Baked Potatoes.
  • Bonus items provided by Igloo chests include Name Tags, blank Books and Golden Apples.

Jungle Temple

  • The Jungle Temple is a good place for Husbandry and Diving Kits to spawn, as well as common or rare variety Wizardry Kits.
  • Chests will also contain an average amount of ores.
  • The Jungle Temple is likely to provide potions of Invisibility, Leaping and Luck.
  • Witch eggs are found in this Temple.  Watermelon can also be found.
  • Players will also find Ender Pearls, Paper and Spectral Arrows in the chests of Jungle Temples.

Abandoned Mineshaft

  • As you may expect, Mining Kits of common and rare value are easily located here.  Redstone, Hunger and Artistry Kits may also occur, to keep you from starving or going crazy.
  • These chests have an increased chance of containing valuable ores.
  • Potions in the Mineshaft chests are for Strength and Luck, plus Splash Potions of Poison.
  • Cave Spider eggs and Bread are found in these chests.
  • Mineshaft chests may also provide TNT, Name Tags and Music Discs.


Map Room

  • The only Kits found in the Map Room are Artistry Kits.
  • No ores are stored in the Map Room.  Nor are maps.  Maps are available from the Server.
  • Water Breating, Night Vision and Invisibility Potions can be found in these sections.
  • Pumpkin Pies and Slime Spawn Eggs are featured in the Map Rooms.
  • Instead of random Bonus items, Players will collect a small set of explorer’s tools.

Treasure Room

  • Common or Rare Weapons, Armor and Apothecary Kits are stored in this section.
  • It is common to find a high amount of valuable ores in these chests, as expected.
  • Potions found in the Treasure Room include Instant Damage, Instant Health and Luck.
  • Carrots are the food item found here, alongside Guardian Spawn Eggs.
  • Golden Apples, Music Discs and Jukeboxes are bonus items for the Treasure Room.

Supply Room

  • Players can find Common or Rare Mining Kits as well as Hunger, Redstone and Diving kits here.
  • Supply Rooms may have an average amount of ores on hand.
  • Potions of Water Breathing, Swiftness and Splash Potions of Slowness are often found.
  • Like the Treasure Room, Carrots and Guardian Spawn Eggs are also featured here.
  • Bonus items here include Flint and Steel, Paper and TNT.

Village Blacksmiths

  • A Blacksmith in Legitimus is likely to keep Weapons, Armor and Mining kits of common or rare variety.
  • Blacksmiths tend to keep an average amount of ores, like the rest of the village.
  • Potions kept by the Blacksmith include potions of Fire Resistance, Regeneration and Strength.
  • Blacksmiths could be hiding a Creeper egg, and tend to eat many Apples.
  • The Blacksmith’s chest may also provide an Anvil, TNT and/or Flint and Steel.

Woodland Mansion

  • In the Woodland Mansion, players are able to find Apothecary Kits and Wizardry Kits of rare or epic value, as well as Ender Kits.  These are the only place you will find Ender Kits in Legitimus.
  • Large amounts of precious ores are present in the chests of a Woodland Mansion.
  • Players will also find Potions of Leaping, Luck and Slow Falling.
  • Vindicator and Evoker Spawn Eggs occur alongside Pumpkin Pie.
  • Mansions may contain Anvils, Flint and Steel, and Ender Pearls within the generated Chests.

Underwater Ruins

Large Ruins

  • Diving, Artistry and Common or Rare Mining Kits can be located in Large Ruins.
  • Players should expect these chests to contain slightly more ores than in Small Ruins chests.
  • Devastating Splash Potions of Weakness, Slowness and Instant Damage are found here.
  • Spawn Eggs for the Drowned and also Melon Slices will occur here.
  • Bonus items may include Jukeboxes, Name Tags and Nautilus Shells.

Small Ruins

  • Husbandry, Redstone, Hunger and Artistry Kits are found in Small Ruins.
  • Small Ruins contain an average amount of ores.
  • Potions of Leaping, Night Vision and Instant Health are found in Small Ruins.
  • Players can unearth Cookies and either Zombie or Skeleton Spawn Eggs from these locations.
  • Small Ruins chests also contain Leads, Paper and Saddles.

The Stronghold

Altar Room

The Altar Room within a Stronghold contains a single chest, consequently upon an altar.  There may be up to four such chests within any Stronghold, and they can be rather easy to miss.  We guarantee you will not find a Silverfish egg anywhere else!

  • Rare and Epic value Weapons and Wizardry kits are found in the Altar rooms, along with Diving kits.
  • The Altar Room also provides Potions for Speed, Regeneration, and Water Breathing.
  • Silverfish Eggs can be found.  You may also get some Cookies.
  • Horse Armor, a Nether Star or a Totem of Undying may be present at the Altar.


Libraries come in one- and two-storey varieties, respectively containing one or two chests.  Never appearing within four rooms of a Stronghold entrance, each Stronghold has a limit of only two Libraries.  Knowledge is power, but you’d better look for your weapons elsewhere.

  • Kits found the Libraries include Artistry, Redstone and Ender kits.
  • Night Vision, Strength, and Invisibility Potions are present in the Stronghold Library.
  • Beetroot Stew may occur alongside possible Phantom Spawn eggs.
  • Bonus items from the Library are XP Bottles, Music Discs or a Heart of the Sea.


A Storeroom is easy to recognize by the low wooden ceiling encountered on entering this area.  There will be a ladder to guide you to the chest.  You will find anywhere from 0 to 6 of these rooms in your average Stronghold, just like vanilla Minecraft.

  • Armor and Mining Kits of Rare and Epic value are found here, along with Husbandry kits.
  • Fire Resistance, Turtle Master and Slow Falling are kept in a Stronghold Storeroom.
  • The Storeroom may house an Elder Guardian Egg, and provides Mushroom Stew.
  • Bonus items from the Storeroom are Golden Apples, Elytra, or an Anvil.

Nether Fortress

  • The Nether Fortress crossing is a good place to find Weapons Kits, Armor Kits, and Apothecary Kits of rare or epic value, plus Ender Kits.
  • These chests are quite rich in ores.
  • Potions of Fire Resistance and Regeneration occur in the Nether, as do Splash Potions of Weakness.
  • Fortresses provide Mushroom Stew and Spawn Eggs for the Blaze, Ghast, Wither Skeleton and Magma Cube.
  • Horse Armor, blank Books and Spectral Arrows are found here.  Nether Stars are also a rare occurrence.

End City

  • End City treasure chests can spawn either Weapons, Armor, Mining, Wizardry or Apothecary Kits of rare or epic value.
  • Ores found in these chests are likely to be above-average.
  • Players can find Splash Potions of Harming, Potions of Slow Falling and/or the Turtle Master in the End City.
  • Shulker and Enderman eggs are found in this Dimension.  End Cities will feed you with Mushroom Stew.
  • Bonus items include the Elytra, Dragon’s Breath, and Eyes of Ender.