Our server has multiple worlds, in addition to the requisite Nether and End biomes.  In-game lore will refer to the planet as Cepa Terra, and to its government as Res Cepa Publica, or the republic.  Minecraft worlds are referred to as provinces.  Once joined, new players will spawn in the province of Legitimus. This is the only world where PvP protection, claims, shops or locks will work, and features a large city at spawn where players do not receive any harm.  Legitimus is composed of vanilla 1.13 biomes.

Other worlds such as have far fewer rules enforced, and have many features to attract an influx of players with a different play style.  They are all very exotic, featuring custom biomes and climates and more precious loot.  According to Smellycraft lore, these lands exist outside of the republic’s influence.  This means if someone kills you and takes your loot in a foreign province, it is within the rules.  However, this also means you have to catch them outside of Legitimus again in order to take your revenge!

Players will travel to these worlds on a very large boat near the spawn area.  The merchants who captain this vessel will accept in-game currency in return for safe travel to other provinces.  Each of these provinces will feature a different category of biomes and climate groups (such as Odyssea Tropicus,) to make players feel as though they’ve gradually travelled the world together.

Each world has a very detailed section on our Wiki including custom loot tables, dungeons, biomes and mob traits.  Read up in advance of your next adventure to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!  Our worlds are made with biomes and structures from the Biome Bundle version 6, using Open Terrain Generator.  There are benefits to connecting with a Forge client running the OTG mod, and we have a page with safe and easy instructions on how to do that.