Smellycraft Rules

All players on Smellycraft Survival Minecraft must be at least 16 years of age.

To avoid any confusion, we will list the Smellycraft rules here in very plain English without any of the in-game lore.

Each of these rules has received a great deal of thought.  Please ask any questions you feel you must ask in order to gain a complete understanding of this document.  We ask all players to respect the Smellycraft rules fully when playing on our Minecraft server.

Foreword on the Smellycraft rules

This server uses the MCBans plugin.  Where applicable, global bans are issued for the health of the Minecraft server community as a whole.

Your account is your responsibility, and the reader takes full responsibility for the actions of anybody who gains access to the reader’s Minecraft account.  We always attribute infractions of the Smellycraft rules to the owner of the offending account.  You should never share your Minecraft password with anyone!

1.  No Griefing in the main world. PVP Optional.

We run plugins called Residence and Lockette, which allow players to control access to many things.  As a rule, unlocked chests anywhere are considered fair game in order to empower players who share more freely.  Chests are very, very easy to lock anywhere in the world and do not require a Residence plot when using Lockette.  Chest shops are automatically protected, and may only be placed in the main world.

PvP is by default disabled in the main world, where killing the unwilling is punished severely. Elsewhere, there is no law.
Friendly jousts are still encouraged!  Both must use the following commands:

/pvp <on|off>
Your opponents can not collect your loot within the main world.

If players discover exploitable flaws, we expect them to file a support ticket for the issue and not to take advantage of the problem.  Thank you!

2.  Be reasonable

This is not a family-friendly server.  Furthermore, everything said in global chat is readable on Discord, by anyone, forever (provided you link and unmute your account.)  There is no memory hole on Discord.

We encourage you to discuss your personal lives to the degree with which you are each comfortable.  We don’t censor our players.

This means our Minecraft community lacks a one-size fits-all solution for antisocial issues.  If you feel a discussion is making you uncomfortable, please respectfully ask the users to chat together privately instead of creating a debate.  Our differences come from our environments, which is why we run this server; it’s a positive environment.

Temporary mutes are enough to handle spates.

Where Staff themselves are concerned, please refrain from asking for (x) or to be (y).  Face your challenges and rely on your new friendships instead, that’s what life is all about.

Finally, harassment based on race, religion, sex or sexuality is prohibited.  These are just examples, and you should expect Staff to rely on their own judgment when interpreting these kind of statements.  We will issue global bans to offenders who ignore another player’s objections to this.

3.  Respect the map

This comes in several parts; first, no beach griefing.  We didn’t turn off creeper damage just to lose our beautiful beaches to ourselves!  This rule applies only to our main world Legitimus and applies to deserts as well (within reason.)

Sand is available for free at the sandpit.  This is a location which provides players with infinite red and white sand.  This allows players even easier access to sand than a Beach or Desert, helping to preserve the beauty of our home province Legitimus.

Second, please move a considerable distance from the spawn point before establishing a base.  We don’t want a clutter of huts, shanties and assorted tipis surrounding our spawn camp.  Plugins automatically enforce a line-of-sight boundary of 208 additional blocks.  This is the server default, but more is always better.

If you are new to the game, we understand this can be difficult.  There are accommodations with handsome amenities available for lodgers at the spawn point.  No mobs can spawn in this area, making this an ideal place to stay while learning to play Minecraft.  Plus, you are automatically assigned a Home Region based on available starting resources.

Third, please replant!  We have auto-replant enabled.  It’s not a huge deal.  What we really want to avoid are floating forests with missing stumps.  If you start a tree, please finish the tree.

Finally, no noob towers.  If you need to stand on an ugly 1×1 column, take it down when you’re done!

4.  No advertising.  No X-Ray.  Et cetera

Let’s finish up with some rules you kind of already know.  These are rules on pretty much every Minecraft server you may ever play on, but for the sake of being complete we will include those rules for your reference.

The first applies to “x-ray” texture packs, as well as any other client modifications which provide an unfair gameplay advantage.  Such accounts will receive global bans. We will collect proof of the hack, and provide it with your UUID to

Second, no advertising, regardless of your relationship with that server.  It doesn’t matter if you’re subtle – it’s just a very rude thing to do!

There may be one more rule.  It’s a slogan from a defunct server that never really knew how much I loved them.
That rule is Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

Thank you for reading the Smellycraft rules.  We hope you have a wonderful experience playing on our Minecraft server.

Last updated: 19-06-18 1124 EST