Privacy Policy

This document makes several references to the “Smellycraft Game Server,” which is a Java Virtual Machine running public-facing game software located at and hosted in the United States of America. “Us,” “We” and “Our” refer to the owners of the Smellycraft Game Server and this web site, which will be referred to as “” “You”, “Your,” “Users” and “Players” refer to end users of this web site or the Smellycraft Game Server.

When you log into to edit or contribute a Wiki page, your browser is given a cookie in addition to session data.  This is part of how WordPress works and it can not be used to identify you.  You may also receive cookies from CloudFlare, which is used to serve cached versions of Our site for faster access worldwide.  CloudFlare’s Privacy Policy denotes which sections are relevant to “End Users.” If you do not wish to receive cookies, You may disable them within your browser.  You will still be able to edit the Wiki while logged in without cookies.

We require the use of a Minecraft username when creating an account for editing Our Wiki.  This username must be authenticated by Mojang servers.  As a result, will receive Your Minecraft UUID. This is a globally unique string of characters that is used to identify an authentic Minecraft account.

Information you add to Our Wiki pages can be later removed by You or Us.  The old entry still remains in the database as a post revision.  We have limited to maintain a maximum of two page revisions per Wiki entry.  We use this feature to protect our site from vandalism while maintaining respect for Your privacy. We reserve the right to maintain copies of this database for up to 3 years pursuant to backup, archival and legal purposes.

We Will:

We collect and validate Your e-mail address as part of Your initial registration on

We collect and validate Your Minecraft Username during this process, as well.

All visitor IP Addresses, Browsers and Operating Systems are logged along with time and date using password-protected, encrypted and firewalled data storage. Each of these systems are secured by two-factor authentication for anyone authorized to access this data.

We Will Not: does not use Google Analytics.

We do not connect to any Facebook, Instagram or Twitter servers or APIs. Their tracking scripts are not present on Our pages. does not use Google AdSense or any marketing API, whether interest-based or otherwise.

We will not share any of Your information with anyone, ever.  They can all go to Hell.

Playing on the Smellycraft Game Server

We have a Discord channel which is linked to in several places on this site.  Information collected by Discord is subject to the Discord Privacy Policy. Discord is a private company and We have no control over what they choose to do with this information.

Publicly visible chat messages entered on the Smellycraft Game Server remain indefinitely available to the public on our Discord channel. For users of, a special “toggle” has been built to prevent Discord from receiving these messages. You must opt-out of this feature to use Discord one-way after linking Your Discord and game accounts.  To prevent both, simply do not link Your accounts.  Discord will never display Your in-game private messages to or from others. However, all private messages logged by the console are forwarded to a private Discord channel.  At this point, this information becomes subject to the Discord Privacy Policy linked above.

All chat and commands entered by You are entered into logs contained on the Smellycraft Game Server. These records are available to Us, to Discord, and the web hosts providing these services. At times where these logs must be shared for debugging purposes, any of Your personally identifiable information including user names and chat logs will be stripped. However, We reserve the right to share usernames and chat logs where necessarily relevant. Examples of relevance include when You are banned for behaviour in violation of Smellycraft Game Server rules or if You attempt to reverse-engineer our game or web servers.

Accessing Your Data

We are able to furnish collected data for interested End Users of Copies of Your data are only made available to You. is protected by advanced cryptographic certificates and meticulous firewall configurations at each level. A data breach is extremely unreasonable to expect.  Nevertheless, We remind You that the best defence against Your privacy is the use of a strong and unique password.  Information contained in Our database includes Your E-Mail address, Your IP address, a cryptographic hash of the password You chose for this website, and Your Minecraft UUID. is hosted in the United States by InMotionHosting, a division of Tucows.

The Smellycraft Game Server is hosted in Buffalo, NY of the United States.

Last Updated Saturday, 30th March 2019 at 0601h GMT.