Privacy Policy

Our website uses cookies.  We store small strings of data on your computer in certain situations.  If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may disable them within your browser.  Most features of this site will continue to work as before.

When you log into to edit or contribute a Wiki page, your browser is given a cookie in addition to session data.  This is part of how WordPress works and it can not be used to identify you.  You may also receive cookies from CloudFlare, which is used to serve cached versions of our site for faster access worldwide.  CloudFlare’s Privacy Policy denotes which sections are relevant to “End Users.”

We require the use of a Minecraft username when creating an account for our Wiki.  This username must be authenticated by Mojang servers.  As a result, the administrator of this web site will receive your Minecraft UUID.

We Will:

We collect and validate your e-mail address as part of your initial registration.

We collect and validate your Minecraft Username during this process, as well.

All visitor IP Addresses, Browsers and Operating Systems are logged along with time and date using password-protected internal systems.

We Will Not:

This web site does not use Google Analytics.

We do not connect to any Facebook or Twitter servers. does not use Google AdSense or any similar marketing API.

We will not share any of your information with anyone, ever.  They can all go to Hell.

Using Services

Information added to our Wiki pages can be later removed.  The old entry still remains in the database as a post revision.  We have limited our site to maintaining a maximum of two revisions per Wiki entry.  We use this feature to protect our site from vandalism.

We have a Discord channel which is linked to in several places on this site.  Information collected by Discord is subject to the Discord Privacy Policy.

All global chat entered on our gameplay server will also remain indefinitely available to the public on our Discord channel.  This does not include private messages to other players.

Accessing Your Data

We are able to furnish collected data for interested End Users of the web site.

Our web site is protected by advanced firewall configurations at several levels and a data breach is unreasonable to expect.  Nevertheless, we remind our users that the best defence against your privacy is the use of a strong and unique password.  Information contained in our database includes your E-Mail address, your IP address, and your Minecraft UUID.

Our web site is hosted in the United States by InMotionHosting, a division of Tucows.

Our gameplay server is hosted in Buffalo, NY of the United States.