Installing Curse and Open Terrain Generator

This page has been removed from the main navigation until Forge is ready for Minecraft 1.14. Until this time, Custom Worlds will not be available for travel and Forge clients will be disallowed from connecting to the Smellycraft Game Server.

So you’re preparing for an adventure!  Your empire lauds your bravery, and bids you return safely with much wealth for the republic .

You’ll need to spend almost five minutes installing just one Minecraft mod.  OTG is required in order to receive the full benefits of travel to our foreign provinces.  The land is generated from a selection of over 400 non-standard biomes!  Your vanilla Minecraft client will otherwise misrepresent some of the data within.  Don’t waste your time!  Take five minutes to enhance your client with a Minecraft mod that will benefit you elsewhere, too!

Our foreign destinations are made with Biomes and Custom Objects created by MCPitman and LordSmellyPants.  Hop into the OTG Discord and check out what others are creating with Biome Bundle and OTG!

If you already have Forge 1.12.2 (or higher) for Minecraft, great!  You also need to whip step number five, or you won’t see the custom fog and water colours enabled by the OTG Minecraft mod.

Minecraft Mod Installation

  1.  Download and run the Forge for Minecraft installer.  The most official, direct, and therefore up-to-date source is ForgeDevelopment LLCNever download or install files from a source you do not know or you do not already trust.
  2. Open your Minecraft client, and select “Launch Options.”  It’s the last option from the menu on top.  Choose + Add new.
  3. We recommend customizing a profile name you will recognize, such as “Forge.”  In the version drop-down, find the option with Forge in the name.  It’s usually on the bottom.  Make sure to use version 1.13+.
  4. Remember to copy custom JVM arguments from your other launch profiles, especially if you are a power user.  Java has a lot of useful options here, such as G1GC.  We recommend you also investigate these performance options.  Each time you add a new Minecraft mod, there is a chance Java will request more RAM.
  5. You are now ready to download and install the OTG Minecraft mod for Forge.  This will enable your Minecraft client to understand the more variables, such as the colours in our biomes.  Here is the official source for OTG, because you can never be too careful!

Smelly:  OpenTerrainGenerator was my first experience with Forge and modded Minecraft.  The process was much easier than I feared it would be.  I’ve heavily modded games like Fallout before and that was a nightmare compared to Forge!

I totally encourage people to go wild exploring.  Much more is available, but please disable those other mods when you connect to our server. Our Anti Cheat plugins detect a wide range of potential suspects.  Therefore, we have to err on the side of caution and may issue warnings leading to a possible ban.  Please disable all mods that could provide a gameplay advantage.