Support of is extremely appreciated.  Your contribution is not taken lightly!

We provide in-game benefits to our donors.  We ensure that these will not affect the fairness of our gameplay, and provide a comprehensive list below.

Furthermore, if monthly donation goals are reached these features will be unlocked for all players for the duration of the proceeding month.
Our monthly goal is currently set at $40 USD.

Twitch subscribers are given access to these benefits as well – if you already intend to subscribe to Smellyonionman’s Twitch stream, permanent donor perks will come at no extra charge.  Link will be available once the Twitch account is affiliated.

To keep everything in one place and for better security, donations are all collected through the Streamelements donation page.
Whether you choose to go for Badges and Emotes on Twitch or just a one-time contribution, it is our pleasure to honour you with:

  • Special Discord role, and use of External Emojis in Discord
  • Hat command, of course
  • Commands to condense and un-condense your inventory automatically
  • Disposal UI to effortlessly remove garbage items and use of /shakeitoff
  • Enhanced UI: Elytra speedometer, health bars for enemies
  • Colorized nicknames (you pick the colours), colorized global chat, and use of /me command.
  • Convenient sign text editors and copiers
  • Ability to remove yourself from Dynmap as desired
  • Priority login when server is full (honestly, we can accommodate 100 players, but why not?)
  • More to come.  Suggestions welcome.

We assume that our members are happy to have their names and donation amounts publicized in our Discord, our Message of the Day, on stream and elsewhere.  If you would like for your name, amount or both to be withheld please mention this in your note so that we may respond to your gift appropriately.

If you would like to make a contribution but can not afford to do so financially, don’t feel down.  This server was inspired by the universal need to relax and make friends.  Your friendship to one another is already a contribution.  You can go further by helping to moderate daily activities on the server.  Moderators are given all of the tools they can use to contribute to order, without adding gameplay advantages.  This means you can continue to play Survival without fear of resentment or suspicion.

Thank you for taking an interest in the health of our community, and for all of your time spent playing here.  Be well!