Welcome to Smellycraft Survival!

New Players

Smellycraft currently operates on Paper version 1.15.1

Your very first login spawns in front of the Courthouse for a two minute tutorial with Cato. You’ll be holding a compass – clicking with one opens a menu which sets it to helpful waypoints.

After the tutorial you gain command permissions, full menu options, and the ability to leave the Spawn Capitol.
We look forward to all feedback from our new players!

Smellycraft Survival is an immersive multi-world SMP Minecraft server.  Our plugins and game rules vary based on travel, hence providing a variety of different play styles tied to one virtual economy.  To better immerse players in our world, you’re spawned in a loosely-themed Roman republic.  Players here benefit from a variety of plugins which enforce the laws of the republic, but only while playing in the home world Legitimus.  As a result the main world is  comfortable enough for players who enjoy a peaceful experience without being too restrictive for others.  There will be a brief tutorial on the Smellycraft rules before you leave the Capitol city.

Not far from spawn, a harbour is located where a large merchant ship can be found.  Players may board this boat to be taken to exotic regions.  These destinations feature stunning new landscapes, structures, and sturdier mobs to fight.  Contrary to the sprawling home continent Legitimus, these regions are not governed by the laws of the republic.  Rather, foreign worlds are completely Anarchic.  These provinces offer a much less predictable and more exciting experience.  It’s our hope that each player can therefore strike their own balance of play.

Go.  See.  Conquer!

Our player protection plugins don’t work in these regions.  Our maps don’t show your location or vitals here, either.  If you brought friends, stay close as we have ranged chat enabled to add a sense of isolation and distance.  As these lands also seem to be uncivilized, you’ll come to find the dominant species are likely much stronger and dangerous than you faced at home.  Therefore, it’s imperative to prepare for many difficult fights on an expedition!

We’ve put the most valuable rewards into the foreign dungeons.  More precious drops are provided by killing these mobs.  Finally, abundant ores in the unexplored terrain and the promise of a bountiful PvP raid will serve to attract many players into these lands!  We hope to see many alliances forged and broken in these lands.  When you finally find it’s too much, you can retreat to the safety of Cepa Legitimus and still continue playing with your friends in the guaranteed safety of the republic.

Our Staff are constantly making upgrades in order to provide an SMP Minecraft experience with consistent variety.  We use OpenTerrainGenerator and Biome Bundle 6.1 to build and tune foreign worlds for our players.  You are really in for a treat if you haven’t seen this style of terrain generation before!  We take the time to select from a pool of over 400 custom biomes, while enhancing their features to create seasonally thematic and invigorating adventures.  It’s a very feedback-friendly process, and we would like our players’ regular input.  We maintain a sense of discovery with this approach which seems like it has no limit.

SMP Minecraft with a Twist

We’re always mutating the monsters you find, customizing behaviours as well as drops.  We regularly add new worlds for our citizens to travel to and raid.  We want to avoid even our most active players experiencing “the grind,” so we keep things fresh, interesting and dangerous!  Expect to find unique weapons and enchantments in our loot tables, and also an increased occurrence of special dungeons and structures.  As a result, we expect our players will probably spend a lot of time far away from their bases.

Our plugins have been carefully configured to provide an accessible, secure and exciting environment.  As well, our staff are friendly and helpful people who want you to have a good time most of all.  In conclusion, we are absolutely confident our players will have a positive experience.  Come join us!